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Some events during my life:
21.9.1948 20:55 I was born at Juupajoki , Finland
august 1955 moving to Tampere
1961/62 the divorce of my parents.
8.8.1966 my mother died.
1966-67 1 year in children´s home(my sister in Connecticut College for Women)
summer 1967 working in a paperfactory in Säffle-Sweden
1967-68 1 year in apprentice home.
31.5.1968 student.
15.10.1968 to the army.
september 1969 sergeant. nowadays senior sergeant
september 1969 began to study at Helsinki University
summer 1970 working in a paperfactory in Hallstavik-Sweden
summer 1971 working in a paperfactory in Hallstavik-Sweden
31.12.1971 got married.
june 1972 moving to Hyvinkää
november 1972 Liisa´s birth.
30.7.1973 Cobol-programmer in Nokia Electronics(large-scale Honeywell computers)after 4 years studies in University of Helsinki. without any degree
may 1974 moving to Tapanila, Helsinki
1975 began astrology as a hobby
october 1976 Kati´s birth.
16.6.1978 moving to Laaksolahti, Espoo
1.9.1978 Software specialist.
15.2.1984 System specialist.
4.5.1985 Decided to live apart.
15.6.1985 built a one-family house.
august 1985 was stricken with schitzophfrenia.
mars 1986 pension.
20.8.1986 living apart -moving to Sörnäis, Helsinki
august 1986 Tico`s birth (Ungarian shepherd dog).
april 1987 moving back to my wife-Viherkallio, Espoo
10.10.1988 my dad died.
5.10.1990 moving to Lippajärvi, Espoo
20.5.1997 World-of-Wisdom CD-ROM World-of-Wisdom CD-ROM Horoscope program
1.9.1997 bought Internet connection.
6.10.1997 opened my home page in Internet.
4.3.1998 19:07 Espoo heading the Internetgroup of Finnish Astrological Society
20.3.1998 11:50 began to spend my days in mentaldisordering peoples Helsingin Klubitalo (ICCD)
29.3.1998 I published my home page.
15.9.98 14:01(summertime) Loviisa we bought a summer cottage in Ruotsinpyhtää (60N31,26E27)
21.9.98 18:06(summertime) Helsinki I ordered 400 MHz Pentium II computer
5.10.98 18:09(summertime) Helsinki Interview in TV2´s news
5.10.98 23:11:01(summertime) Espoo I organized fin-astrology mailing list using www.eGroups.com
3.1.99 14:30:10 Espoo I ordered Goravani´s Jyotish Vedic astrology software
10.1.99 6:40 Helsinki holiday flight to Canary Islands for a week
14.2.99 0:15 Espoo I sent my web-address to 400 search engines
26.2.99 18:15 Helsinki I was elected as a member to Finnish Astrological Association board as a membership secretary and webmaster
15.5.99 one week transitional work training in ICCD Malmö Klubbhuset Sweden
15.-21.10.99 10.th International Seminar on the Clubhouse Model in Toronto,Canada
12.-15.11.99 Accept seminar at York,England
February 2000 I was elected to Finnish Fountain House Clubhouse Coalition board member
21.2.2000 20:00 Interviewed in TV1 program named MOT
5.3.2000 16:00 Helsinki I was elected to treasury accountant and bookkeeper of Finnish Astrological Associety (also membership secretary and webmaster)
7.4.2000 18:15 Espoo We bought a new leasing Opel Corsa
3.6.2000 11:50 Vantaa Going to Moscow for 2nd Eurasian Clubhouse Conferens
19.8.2000 16:00 Vantaa Leaving to New York to Fountain House for three weeks Clubhouse Colleague Training.
8.11.2000 18:00-18:30 Helsinki I´m beeing interviewed in direct radio program
6.3.2001 I was interviewed by a Finnish women´s magazine Anna
21.3.2001 I´m going to start in transitional job (never really started)
30.3.2001 I resigned at annual meeting from my position of trust in Finnish Astrological Association .
31.3.2001 11:12 Espoo I finished off our nearly 15 years old beloved Tico dog.
15.6.2001 15:25 Helsinki We sold our apartment in Espoo
30.6.2001 20:46 Helsinki We moved to Helsinki to a rented apartment
15.8.2001 15:05 Helsinki I bought 2 rooms condominium of my own
1.9.2001 14:10 Helsinki I moved to my own aprtment (separation)
31.1.2002 Official divorce after 30 years and 1 month
19.3.2002 21:15 Helsinki I showed up in TV2 "ajankohtainen kakkonen" program.
Spring 2002 I joined to SDP political party
15.5.2002 21:33 Helsinki I moved my web pages to Elisa´s Kolumbus
3.7.2002 17:40 Helsinki Departure to Edinburgh (European Clubhouse Seminar)
20.7.2002 14:43 Helsinki I finished my membership in Finnish Astrological Association.
29.10.2002 I was called to ICCD´s Standards Review Committee
26.11.2002 14:45-17:45 Helsinki in Prime Minister´s residence
I visited at Prime Minister´s home(my pictures)
16.2.2003 9:47 Helsinki I deleted Fin-Astrology YahooGroup of my own (139 members, but no conversation)
10.9.2003 17:30 Helsinki I started Cambridge Proficiency English cource
18.12.2003 Helsinki I passed AB-level driving licence of PC
26.4.2004 Helsinki I was elected to council of Helsingin Klubitalot ry. (Council of our clubhouse)
11.-17 November 2004 Trip to Kosovo and Macedonia (planning a foreign ministry´s project there)
18.-23.6.2005 I attended 13IS at Finlandia-house having 2 speeches and one co-chair at plenary. Participants were from 80 clubhouses and from 22 country.
15.9.2005 10:41 my new domain www.veikkoniemi.com
14.6.2006 20-21:30 Helsinki-day reception at City Hall escorting our Clubhouse director
9.10.2006 9:25 Leaving to New York for Training Centers meeting of Clubhouses
2.4.2007 17:30 I didn´t settled as a candidate for our Clubhouse board because there was already enought candidates and I didn´t want to be voted
23.4.2007 11:30 Helsinki I bought Nokia N95 multimedia phone
4.9.2007 I resigned Finance committee and Labour committee of my Clubhouse
10.9.2007 17:15 I started "Introduction to JAVA-language" course
8.10.2007 17:15 I started JAVA extensions course
12.12.2007 9:52 I joined in Facebook
14.4.2008 I launch an application for studying EDP in Haaga-Helia university
28.5.2008 I moved my webpages from Elisa to a webbhotel because of php usage
25.6.2008 I got an approval letter on start studying at Haaga-Helia
31.7.2008 My first JAVA program which I offer in free usage
25.8.2008 17:40 Helsinki My first school day at Haaga-Helia university
7.6.2009 23:31 Helsinki I resigned SDP-party
18.7.2009 17:32 Helsinki I started my old hobby astrology again
13.8.2009 12:46 Helsinki I again joined to Finnish Astrological Association
24.8.2009 17:40 Helsinki My second school year starts at Haaga-Helia university
27.11.2009 4:40 Helsinki I bought iMac and iPod Nano
15.12.2009 17:40 Helsinki Starting Autumn season´s last exam. All courses passed through.
25.12.2009 11:00 Helsinki In my iMac there is OS X Snow Leopard operating system and also Windows 7 in Virtual box and also today my old laptop got itś Windows 7.
23.5.2010 Spring term finished with a successful web-project.
Being in the halfway of 4-years studying.
23.9.2010 Autumn term started now with only one course: web-programming because of added feeling of stress. Credits now 93/210.
22.12.2010 11:46 Helsinki I bought SONY Vaio F12 LapTop as my second PC
3.1.2011 I got 100/100 point from my only course: Web-programming, which I liked very much, at last Autumn
3.8.2011 Helsinki

I got 4 points from my last course web multimedia. I dont continue any more my studying at Haaga-Helia university. I got 104/210 points during my 3 years study there.

31.8.2011 13:15 Helsinki Free! I posted my resign letter to Haaga-Helia, University of applied sciences.
15.2.2012 13:39 Helsinki I bought iPhone 4S
23.3.2012 9:17 Helsinki I bought iPad
21.9.2012 18:50 Helsinki I got a splendid birthday present from my two daughters. It was a -99 Nissan Micra 51000 km several years out of the register and I have to pay only gasoline in the future!
30.9.2012 12:13 Helsinki I bought Garmin Nuvi2340LMT GPS-L Navigator for my car.
22.6.2017 16:00 Helsinki The plumber renovating in my apartment was ready. it took 10 weeks.
26.8.2017 10:00 Helsinki left eye operation one hour.
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