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My week point is my languages knowledge. I constantly read English professional literature, but my active speaking skills I'm not happy with. Nokia Oy educated me in several English language operating supervisor courses abroad and then my knowledge were brushed up, but in 2000's I have only spend 4 weeks in New York, 1 week in Moscow and Edinburg in various Helsingin Klubitalo's courses and conferences. Also I am a member in an international teleconference group of ICCD which has 5 - 6 one hour meetings/year.

Also my Swedish is incomplete. I however have worked 3 summers in Sweden during my studying years, but also my speaking skill is not good.

I have passed both placement tests of Swedish and English in my school Autumn 2008.

I got grade 4/5 in English in the Autumn 2008.

My Germany skills is at my highschool's level.

French is only at restaurant meny skills level.

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